GA State Sen. Colton Moore Demands Fellow Republicans Help Him Fight the ‘Nazis in Atlanta’ by Impeaching Fani Willis

Georgia state Sen. Colton Moore launched a crusade against Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis after her office indicted former President Donald Trump and more than a dozen others earlier this year for their roles in trying to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

Moore is demanding that a special legislative session be called to investigate and impeach Willis, warning that failure to do so could lead to violence and “civil war.”

“I said, listen, we’ve got to put our heads together and figure this out,” Moore recalled. “We need to be taking action right now. Because if we don’t, our constituencies are gonna be fighting it in the streets.”

“Do you want a civil war?” he continued. “I don’t want a civil war. I don’t want to have to draw my rifle. I want to make this problem go away with my legislative means of doing so. And the first step to getting that done is defunding Fani Willis of any Georgia tax dollars.”

Given his penchant for violent rhetoric, it was no surprise to see Moore appear as a guest on “The Stew Peters Show” last Friday since Peters himself has a long history of calling for and threatening violence.

During the interview, Moore lashed out at this fellow Republicans for not supporting his effort, likening the situation in Georgia to Nazi Germany.

“I’m so sick of elected officials writing these strongly worded letters … that does absolutely nothing,” Moore griped. “You want to talk about grifters raising money? That’s what they’re doing.”

“What I am doing is calling for a special session and essentially forcing a roll call vote on my fellow Republicans to make a decision,” he continued. “It’s so much bigger than Donald Trump. It’s so much bigger than my fellow Republican or Democrat colleagues. It’s so much bigger than the caucus. This is about American freedom.”

“My granddad fought real Nazis in World War II,” Moore proclaimed. “And now we’ve got Nazis in Atlanta and I’m not gonna sit back—I’m a 5th generation Georgian—and just let these fools take control.”

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