Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Great Man’s Burden

  • Axios reports that Mark Robinson, the unabashed Christian nationalist and virulent anti-LGBTQ bigot who currently serves as lieutenant governor of North Carolina, is expected to officially announce that he’s running for governor next month.
  • Ali Alexander hopes to have children one day, but doesn’t want to be burdened with having to actually raise them because he’s too busy being “a great man”: “I’m a man to be revered and written about.”
  • Clay Clark is hosting a “Reverse Davos” conference in Oklahoma tonight, which looks to be a truncated version of his traveling “ReAwaken America” tour.
  • Jason Rapert rants that banks are failing because they’re “giving money to the ungodly”: “They were giving money to the woke leftists in this country that were pushing this queer ideology in your schools!”
  • Finally, Floyd Brown declares that right-wing Christians must “take back America” by having their church literally take over their town: “Every church should run their town.”