Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Good Father

  • Rachel Hamm claims that God told her that former President Donald Trump “sacrificed greatly” by leaving office after losing the 2020 election because he is “a good father” who knows that “sometimes their children do not learn lessons unless they learn it the hard way.”
  • Charisma is promoting a documentary about the “ReAwaken America Tour” that has been spreading right-wing anti-vaccine, election, and QAnon conspiracy theories in churches around the country.
  • Angry that a statue of Thomas Jefferson was removed from New York’s City Hall, Josh Bernstein says Democrats “love slavery so much that if it was legal today, every single conservative, every single Republican would have a chain around their neck and they’d be locked in a cage.”
  • Dan Corner of Evangelical Outreach warns that “the nearness of the mark of the beast (MOTB) via the ongoing worldwide covid PLANdemic and the ever-tightening restrictions on humanity are aligning with scripture in amazing detail.”
  • Finally, Shane Vaughn boasts that he has read everything written by the Founding Fathers during their time in Philadelphia while drafting the Constitution in 1787 and asserts that most of them wanted to create a monarchy and coronate George Washington as king. That is laughably untrue.