Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The First Day Of America’s Living Hell

  • End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles urges President Trump to “chase off your Jewish advisers” because, Wiles says, they are trying to drag the United States into a war in the Middle East on behalf of Israel.
  • Right-wing pastor Rick Joyner says that God told him that his Morningstar Church will be “a cancer-free facility” and that anyone who comes there with will be miraculously healed.
  • Right-wing broadcaster Josh Bernstein says that “November 7, 2018 could literally be the first day of America’s living hell” if Democrats gain control of Congress in the midterm elections.
  • Right-wing “journalist” Liz Crokin can’t believe that someone would post a video critical of her while she is suffering. Yeah, what kind of monster would do something like that?
  • Finally, “ex-gay” activist Janet Boynes advises Christians never to spend time with a gay family member’s partner: “You are willing to throw God under the bus because this is your child or loved one. What does that say to God about where your heart is? Is it better to please your children above God?”