Liz Crokin: Kate Spade May Have Committed Suicide Because She Was A Satanic Pedophile

Liz Crokin, a pedophilia-obsessed right-wing “reporter,” responded to the reported suicide of renowned fashion designer Kate Spade on Monday by suggesting that Spade may have been involved in a satanic pedophilia ring and killed herself to escape jail time.

In a video uploaded just hours after news broke of Spade’s suicide, Crokin alleged that the designer may not have actually killed herself, based on warnings posted by “QAnon”—an anonymous poster on the 8Chan forum board that conspiracy theorists believe is a high-level Trump official ordered to leak out sensitive intelligence to their gang of amateur sleuths. Crokin said that “QAnon said that he warned that people would be committing suicide and today it was reported that she committed suicide.”

“The circumstances, just from the initial reports are very shady, they’re very suspicious, she allegedly hung herself with a red scarf and when I hear things like that I immediately think Illuminati and occult symbolism. The Illuminati is obsessed with the color red, we also know that the pedophile Satanists are obsessed with handkerchiefs, talk about handkerchiefs in the [John] Podesta emails,” Crokin said.

Crokin said that pictures of Spade and her husband show them to be “your typical creepy occult couple” and said the couple reminded her of “Tony Podesta and his ex-wife, who looks like Cruella de Vil.” She then urged viewers to search for images of Andy Spade and “pizza,” claiming that numerous photos of him delivering boxes of pizza were evidence that Spade is a pedophile. She also pushed this theory on Twitter:

“There’s a lot going on there you guys, I don’t know. Suicide watch, suicide week, Q warned us about it, it’s Kate Spade, one of the people he was talking about that may be committing ‘suicide.’ I think there’s a very good chance—nothing adds up,” Crokin said.

She added, “So what could have happened with Kate is that maybe she was involved in all of this horrific activity and she knew that the hammer was about to drop now that [former New York Attorney General Eric] Schneiderman has resigned. She lives, obviously, in New York and everyone’s getting busted. Alison Mack, Keith Raniere, [Harvey] Weinstein, blah, blah, blah. She had guilt, or she didn’t want to go to jail, so maybe she did kill herself, or maybe she was going to expose what she knew about others involved in child sex trafficking and try to get a deal and they found out so they arkancided her.”