Liz Crokin: Kate Spade Was Killed To Keep Her From Ratting Out The Clintons

Following the suicide of fashion designer Kate Spade earlier this month, fringe right-wing conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin suggested that Spade may have been involved in a satanic pedophilia ring and had taken her own life in order to escape jail time. Crokin’s thoughts on the issue appear to have shifted somewhat in the subsequent weeks, as she is now convinced that Spade was actually killed by the Clintons.

During her recent appearance on Dave Hodges’ “The Common Sense Show,” Crokin seized on the fact that Spade’s husband was spotted wearing a mouse mask in the days following her death, which she asserted was something he was forced to do in order to signal to others not to “rat out” the Clintons.

“He was spotted walking down the street with a creepy mouse mask on and the mouse mask had a red scarf,” Crokin said. “She allegedly killed herself with a red scarf.”

Crokin said that as an expert on the topic of “satanic ritual abuse,” she knows that when children are sexually abused by satanic pedophile cults, “often the rapist will wear masks like that.”

“There is so much symbolism to that,” she said, adding that she read a theory on the internet that this mask “was strategically left and he was instructed to wear that mask in public. It looks like a mouse but it is really supposed to represent a rat and he was instructed to wear it in public because allegedly Kate Spade was ratting on these people. That is why she was—quote unquote—a suicide and he had to wear that mask publicly to let the others know this is what happens to you if you rat any of us out.”

“I believe that because I know how these people operate and that’s how they operate,” Crokin said.

When Hodges asked Crokin exactly who Spade may have been ratting out, Crokin replied by noting that Spade had been “tied to the Clinton Foundation.”

“So there you go,” she concluded.

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