Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The End of an Era

  • Former President Donald Trump called into the religious-right “Flashpoint” program Thursday night, where he bragged that “nobody has done more for Christianity, or for evangelicals, or for religion itself” than him.
  • One month ago, radical right-wing activist Dave Daubenmire launched his “Christian Revolution” effort with the intention of raising $100 million in the first 30 days. As of Thursday, he reported that the organization has raised approximately $420,000 which, while falling short of his absurd initial goal, is still a lot of money.
  • It is being reported that Steve Quayle, who earlier this year claimed that COVID-19 tests were part of a plot to turn people in flesh-eating zombies, is currently hospitalized with “pneumonia-like symptoms.”
  • North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson called on conservative Christians to get more active in politics, saying “it is time for the church to start being the leader” in America because “if there is to be a future in this country, it is going to have to be led by the people of God.”
  • We’re beginning to think that radical right-wing broadcaster Stew Peters might not be a fan of our work.
  • Finally, after 60 years of hosting “The 700 Club,” Pat Robertson is retiring, which likely means there will be no more additions to our archive of hundreds of clips of him saying outrageous things over the years.