Dave Daubenmire to Keynote GOP Fundraiser in Ohio

Radical right-wing activist Dave Daubenmire will be the keynote speaker at a fundraising event next week organized by the Harrison County (Ohio) Republican Party. Committee member Chuck Harrah declares that Daubenmire is a perfect fit for the event because he is “a great man” and “a genuine hero”:

“Dave Daubenmire is a great example of a man on a mission to be the voice for me and millions of others that comprise the silent majority of the United States of America, by using his faith-based ministry to empower his audience,” Harrah said.

Harrah said that Daubenmire has inspired many people, including himself.

“Not only does he talk the talk, but he also walks the walk. He is a great inspiration to myself and many others. He is the voice of reason; he is the guy you would want to be in the foxhole with when things are at the worst,” he said.

Harrah said Daubenmire is a dynamic speaker, specializing in the Constitution, patriotism, Christian values and cataclysmic events that are occurring on a global scale.

“A great man to be looked up to and a genuine hero to anybody that really knows him,” Harrah said of Daubenmire. “That’s why it is so fitting and symbolic that with all the turmoil and calamity that is occurring, at almost epic proportions on a global scale, that coach Dave’s message is more important than ever before and epitomizes what is good and decent about this great nation.”

As we noted a few months ago when Daubenmire scored VIP tickets to a Trump campaign rally, Daubenmire is actually a deeply bigoted, anti-Semitic, anti-choice, anti-LGBTQ, right-wing conspiracy theorist who recently made news as part of a fringe effort to pressure authorities in Chappaqua, New York, to arrest Hillary Clinton, against whom he claims the Holy Spirit has issued an indictment so that she will be sent to prison, where she will be taught to fear God.

Daubenmire is the sort of belligerent activist who proudly declares that women become lesbians because they are so ugly that no man could ever love them, asserts that Barack Obama was “a quasi-Muslim freak” and “an emissary from Hell,” warns that Oprah Winfrey was planning to run for president in order to carry out a white genocide, complains that he is not allowed to say the “N-word,” gripes that the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was a “psy op” intended to promote “the blending of the races,” and calls interracial marriage “spiritual AIDS.”

Daubenmire has defended Roy Moore, the Westboro Baptist Church, and the “patriots” who marched at the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017. He has also declared that only evangelical Christians should be allowed to serve on the Supreme Court, proclaimed that a woman can never be president “because women are not to have authority over men,” lamented that the North won the Civil War, and called for the embrace of a “more violent Christianity.”