Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Direct Rebuke of God

  • “I am an alpha toxic male to the next level,” declared Clay Clark, who brags that he never takes a day off work, not even when his father died. “I do not call in sick, I do not call in gay, I do not call in gender confused.”
  • Shane Vaughn has a message for all the “dummies” out there: “The dummies don’t even know that DONALD TRUMP can run his campaign from PRISON and once elected will be immediately released.”
  • Lance Wallnau proclaimed that everything the Democrats do “sucks” because the party is “experiencing the direct rebuke of God.”
  • Wendy Rogers is not happy: “Susan Collins is voting for Biden’s vile SCOTUS nominee. Susan Collins is a communist and a traitor.
  • Finally, KrisAnne Hall said that Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill is necessary to stop “the atrocity of the LGBT and the government school system weaponizing our children with propaganda.”