Lance Wallnau Claims ‘A High-Level Guy in Washington’ Was Personally Rebuked by God for Failing to Support Trump

During an interview with “respected apostolic and prophetic minister” Patricia King last Thursday, Trump-loving right-wing activist Lance Wallnau recounted being told by “a high-level guy in Washington” that God ordered this anonymous person to stop questioning President Donald Trump because he was God’s “sovereign choice.”

Wallnau, the author of “God’s Chaos Candidate: Donald J. Trump and the American Unraveling” and the forthcoming “God’s Chaos President: Donald J. Trump: The Ancient Code That Reveals America’s Future and the Destiny of Nations,” was in the process of attacking evangelical Christians who refused to support Trump when he claimed that at least one of those who did was personally rebuked by God.

“Most of the people that didn’t like Trump prayed,” Wallnau said. “And they called me up and said, ‘I can’t believe it.’ One of them was a high-level guy in Washington. He said, ‘I’m listening to you, and I said to the Lord—and he quoted to me—he said, ‘In the name of decency, is this the best kind of person you could come up with?'”

According to Wallnau, this unnamed Washington insider then heard the audible voice of God rebuking him for failing to support Trump.

“[God] said, ‘Stand on your feet,'” Wallnau recounted the man telling him. “And then the Lord rebuked him and said, ‘Who are you to question my sovereign choice?’ And from that moment, he said, ‘I just got to call you and tell you I never heard God’s voice, but I was complaining about Trump, and he talked to me.’ And he said, ‘Now I get it. Who am I to question God’s sovereign choice?'”