Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Curse of Curiosity

  • GOP congressional candidate Jarome Bell joined radical right-wing broadcaster Stew Peters on “The Stew Peters Show” Thursday, and the two proceeded to defend Vladimir Putin and his invasion of Ukraine.
  • Scott Lively believes “it was the choice by Ukraine’s leadership to embrace the LGBT agenda and reject the family values of its Christian and Orthodox Jewish heritage that caused God to withdraw His hand of protection from the nation.”
  • Johnny Enlow is merging QAnon conspiracy theories with his love of Russia, claiming that Putin is fighting “Luciferian pedophiles” who Enlow claimed had been using Ukraine to carry out the Illuminati’s plans to use 5G and vaccines to create a race of transhumanist semi-robots.
  • Ben Carson says that that the dangers of COVID-19 are fading because God is “getting rid of it for us.”
  • Nick Fuentes is very angry that Rep. Lauren Boebert called him as a “white supremacist”: “We like Boebert but stop calling me a White Supremacist Congresswoman!!!! … ‘White Supremacist’ is an anti-White slur and a hateful trope.”
  • Finally, Milo Yiannopoulos sings the praises of close-mindedness, declaring that “there are things we should not read or consider”: “I don’t want to hear your ideas. I will cleave to ancient and holy wisdom, and pray for your soul to be delivered from the curse of curiosity.”