Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Blood Drinkers

  • Jim Bob Duggar is running for a seat in the Arkansas legislature.
  • Stella Immanuel, one of MAGA world’s leading anti-COVID-19 vaccine “experts,” claims that many world leaders are clones inhabited by demons whose “job is to make laws that will cause people to die. And you know why? Because they are blood drinkers.”
  • Rick Wiles claims the COVID-19 vaccine is really “an operating system” that “takes control of your DNA”: “This is Satan himself bringing forth a diabolical scheme to alter the creation of mankind.”
  • Do you remember when former President Barack Obama was in office, and it was almost impossible to say “Merry Christmas,” but then Donald Trump was elected and everything was great? Delora O’Brien and Rachel Hamm sure do.
  • Cheryl Chumley declares that “all of patriotic America should pray for the Biden Administration to go down in flames. It’s what’s best for the country.”
  • Finally, cancel whatever plans you have for Halloween because for a mere $50, you can hang out with Michael Flynn and other QAnon conspiracy theorists in Florida.