Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Thank God Stephen Hawking Is Dead

  • “Thank God Stephen Hawking is dead,” said Dave Daubenmire today. “He ain’t an atheist anymore.”
  • David Barton claims that President Obama left the position of Religious Liberty Ambassador vacant for seven years. That is not true.
  • Lance Wallnau is alarmed by Democrat Conor Lamb’s apparent victory in last night’s special congressional election: “I’m looking for the bright side on this but just see weak Christian support for good candidates under assault from propaganda fed anarchists intimidating good people who are standing alone against the rage machines of the left.
  • E.W. Jackson secured the endorsement of Rafael Cruz in his bid for the U.S. Senate from Virginia.
  • On Monday, pro-Trump Twitter troll Jack Posobiec claimed that Conor Lamb, the Democrat candidate who won last night’s special election, was “a vote for impeachment.” Less than 24 hours later, Posobiec described Lamb to Vanity Fair as a “Pro-Trump Dem veteran.”
  • Finally, Doug Hagmann and Sheila Zilinsky do not seem to be fans of “the beta males, the eunuchs at Right Wing Watch.”