Mike Flynn Revealed His Russian Contacts And It Caused Jack Posobiec To Break


Jack Posobiec, an aggressively loyal social media Trump sycophant who was kicked out of a pizza restaurant for filming a child’s birthday party in an attempt to discover the truth about “Pizzagate,” made desperate attempts to spin for President Trump after news broke that General Mike Flynn had testified that officials from the Trump campaign instructed him to talk with Russians.

Figures in the online Trump loyalist movement that describes itself as “New Right” rushed to downplay the news earlier this morning that Flynn would plead guilty for lying to the FBI and claimed the revelation only served to discredit the investigation into whether the Trump campaign sought assistance from the Russian government.

But then news broke that Flynn admitted in his plea that officials in the Trump campaign directed him to contact Russian officials—and was prepared to testify that he had received instructions from Trump himself—and Posobiec began his public struggle:

In a live stream, Posobiec called the news “quite possibly the dumbest and worst Tom Clancy novel you ever read” and that “even Hollywood would not write a plot that was this stupid.”

Mike Cernovich, a self-described leader among the “New Right,” got in on the spin and posted a poll questioning whether “Team Mueller would frame a political opponent for a crime”: