Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Spiritual Predation

  • Ali Alexander wished himself a happy Father’s Day: “As the Founding Father of the Election Integrity Movement, happy Father’s Day to me! You’re welcome!”
  • Gordon Klingenschmitt wants to see armed veterans in every school: “Jesus encouraged his disciples to ‘sell your cloak and buy a sword.’ But red-flag laws will prevent honest veterans from defending schools and families without stopping criminals. We should arm a veteran at every school, but this will disarm the good guys.”
  • Steven Strang warns that Disney is “an entertainment monopoly that grooms our children with drag queen specials and woke cartoons. In Disney’s Reedy Creek Improvement District, it has led to a raucous and pagan nightlife. With each passing year and every new power grab, one thing has become abundantly clear: Disney World is and always was a world without God.”
  • Church Militant alleges that Jesse Lee Peterson uses his BOND organization for the purpose of “homosexual grooming and purported spiritual predation.”
  • Finally, Kent Christmas claims that he can immediately tell that someone is gay just by looking at them because the demonic spirit inside of them “changes the physical appearance of people.”