Hard-Right Operative Ali Alexander Says GOP ‘Should Be at Our Beck and Call,’ Vowing ‘We Shall Overcome’

Stop the Steal organizer Ali Alexander at Jan. 5, 2020 Freedom Plaza rally.

In a “March Update” to supporters of his so-called Stop the Steal campaign, right-wing organizer Ali Alexander criticized the Republican Party establishment before asking for money to “vindicate our peaceful movement and those who got caught up doing nothing wrong except being a little civilly disobedient.”

A text message to Stop the Steal supporters claimed:

The RINO RNC wants Stop the Steal to shut down. The vote is yours. Patriots ask Ali Alexander, “what’s next?” Do we stop or do we keep going?

The text message linked to the update from Alexander, which began this way:

Stop the Steal was the only organization that could truly be relied on to turn out millions of Americans who wanted to restore integrity and faith in our election system.

We’re moving forward. We’re securing the ballot box. We cannot relitigate the past or entertain Dr. Suess distractions or hit pieces by the failing Huffington Post. [Link added.]

We want to vindicate our peaceful movement and those who got caught up doing nothing wrong except being a little civilly disobedient. (We do not support any violence or property destruction that is alleged to have taken place — some of that being far leftists.)

Alexander urged people to donate money, writing, “As a grassroots organization, we are always just weeks away from ceasing to exist. We rely on the faith and donations of generous donors — not the mega-donors.”

Alexander claimed that “the establishment GOP committees” had told Stop the Steal to “get over it.”

They say, “your time is over.” We say: HELL NO!

This is our movement and the Republican Party should be at our beck and call.

Where was the GOP when you needed them to defend your vote?

Alexander said he needed donations to “prove that we are still a viable organization and movement,” adding, “We need to prove that censorship and deplatform do not work. We shall overcome…”

As a leader of the Stop the Steal movement, which hoped to overturn the results of the 2020 election so that former president Donald Trump could stay in power, Alexander organized events at which speakers threatened violence and civil war. The day before the Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol, Alexander led chants of “Victory or death!” at a Washington, D.C., rally. During the insurrection, he watched from a distance while posting a video saying, “I don’t disavow this. I do not denounce this.”

Right Wing Watch recently reported that Alexander is among the far-right activists organizing on the Clubhouse social media platform and took to the Telegram messaging app to declare that those who oppose Biden’s presidency should prepare for civil war. Last month, Right Wing Watch reported on Alexander’s declared plans to “fight deplatforming” and “create chaos on existing platforms” and advance “the American sovereignty movement.”