Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Some Kind of Crazy Person

  • Lauren Witzke declares that she used to believe that some vaccines were good but is now “vehemently and radically anti-vaxx”: “I’m anti-Vaxx and I wear the title with pride.”
  • We have no reason not to blindly believe this anecdote from Laura Loomer: “Just went to ACE hardware to buy some things, and after a few conversations, the whole store is voting for me. This happens to me every single day ever since I moved districts.”
  • Dave Kubal proclaims that “to save America, Christians must get involved in politics.”
  • Patrick Howley asserts that “normies are programmed to consider ‘racism’ and ‘anti-Semitism’ to be the most heinous acts imaginable, even as the system carries out the targeted demonization and replacement of the white racial group while propping up the interests of Jewish financiers.”
  • While speaking at the ReAwaken America tour in Ohio last week, Eric Trump used his cell phone to call his father—”the real president”—much to the delight of the crowd.
  • Finally, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene appeared in studio on “The Alex Jones Show” where she complained that people in Washington, D.C., “treat me as if I’m some kind of crazy person.”