Laura Loomer Claims RNC Chairwoman Told Her She Was a ‘Rock Star’ and ‘Change Agent’ for GOP

Anti-Muslim extremist Laura Loomer told the supporters and far-right notables gathered at her election night party to celebrate her Republican primary win in Florida’s 21st District last night that she had received a glowing phone call from Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

“So, I just got a phone call an hour before the polls closed from a Washington, D.C., area code. And you know, I almost didn’t take the call because I figured it’s probably just one of those NRCC robocalls asking me for money, but something told me to answer the call,” Loomer said. “It was Ronna McDaniel, chairwoman of the Republican National Committee and she was calling to acknowledge the extraordinary success of our campaign so far.”

She continued, “She said everybody in D.C. is watching us tonight and she graciously called me a political rock star and a change agent for the Republican Party. She told me she’s looking forward to meeting me. Incredible, right?”

RWW inquired to the RNC via email whether Loomer’s claims of speaking to McDaniel were true. Our question remained unanswered at the time of publication.