Laura Loomer Contemplates Getting a ‘Nazi-Style Holocaust Tattoo’ to Symbolize Her ‘Digital Extermination’ on Social Media

On Monday morning, the Supreme Court declined to hear a lawsuit brought by anti-Islam extremist Laura Loomer against Twitter, Google, Apple, and Facebook after being banned from their social media platforms, claiming they had violated her First Amendment rights.

On Tuesday, the far-right provocateur and her conspiracy theorist attorney Larry Klayman appeared on the “Crowdsourcing the Truth” YouTube program to discuss the case. During the program, Loomer announced that she is contemplating having the docket number of her case tattooed on her wrist, akin to how the Nazis tattooed Jews imprisoned in concentration camps during World War II, asserting that she is a victim of “digital extermination.”

“We all know that the favorite tactic of communists and Nazis is censorship,” Loomer said. “When I handcuffed myself to Twitter [headquarters], as you know, Jason, I wore a yellow star because I really do believe that what we’re seeing right now is massive digital extermination, which is a precursor to actual extermination. And I do believe that history is going to repeat itself, and we’re gonna find ourselves with concentration camps again.”

Loomer did in fact handcuff herself to the front door of Twitter headquarters in 2018 following her permanent ban from the platform for Islamophobic tweets directed at Rep. Ilhan Omar.

“We are living in a digital gulag,” she continued. “And just like gulag prisoners and prisoners in concentration camps had to have tattoos—the Nazi-style Holocaust tattoos—I thought that it would be really symbolic to actually get my docket number tattooed on my wrist like a Holocaust-style tattoo because I really do believe that history is repeating itself and we are witnessing a digital Shoah, and this is digital extermination by these actual fascists and tyrants in Silicon Valley. And so, I might just get my docket number tattooed on my wrist.”