Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Shout it From the Rooftops

  • Mario Murillo says “there is a demonic hedge of protection around Joe Biden” and claims that if Christians don’t mobilize to tear it down with prayer, “they’re now going to have their children taken from them.”
  • Robert Maginnis warns of dire consequences of any “vaccine passport“: “If you look at the history that I’ve outlined in there of former eastern Europe, certainly the Soviet Union, what goes on in China and just the writing of the likes of Engels, Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and even some of the modern theorists that embrace Marxism, communism, progressivism and the like, that’s where we’re going.”

  • Claiming to have a source in “close contact” with former President Donald Trump, QAnon conspiracy theorist Francine Fosdick insists that contrary to reports, he and Melania never took the COVID-19 vaccine: “They never got the shot. … Come on, they’re not that stupid.”
  • Right-wing pastor Jackson Lahmeyer has launched a primary campaign against Republican Sen. James Lankford—“a RINO of the highest order”—vowing that if elected, he’ll “get up and shout from the rooftops [that] the 2020 presidential election was stolen.”
  • Finally, Hank Kunneman is very upset with those who call him a false prophet, the “movie perverts who have touched the children,” and those who have been trolling him on Facebook.