Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Sexual Strange-Land Pioneers and Race-Baiting Marxists

  • Gordon Klingenschmitt “discerns upon” Alex Jones “the spirit of God.”
  • Operation Rescue endorses President Trump’s proposed border wall: “Building the wall will discourage people from coming to America illegally and help protect thousands of women from sexual assault – some of which undoubtedly are ending up at our country’s abortion clinics.”
  • BarbWire’s David Jolly declares that “abortion is murder in the first degree and those who perform abortions should be held accountable and forfeit their lives.”
  • Lance Wallnau warns that “America and Donald Trump are under siege by spirits operating thru a body, a corpus if you will. The mishmash of left possessed media outlets, border invaders, sexual strange-land pioneers and race baiting marxists is like a stitched together cadaver ready to slide off the table, walk and terrorize the neighborhood. We have no idea what price we are about to pay for giving Frankenstein the political power to stalk the President and peace loving villagers.”
  • Finally, E.W. Jackson is outraged: “Every time mainstream media (Marxist Media) calls President unfit, stupid, liar, Hitler, fascist, etc., they are saying those of us who voted for him are stupid, unfit, Hitlerian, fascist, etc. That’s what they think of us – ‘deplorables.’ Are they trying to precipitate a civil war?”