Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Saving Democracy

  • Lance Wallnau declares that Elon Musk bought Twitter in order “save democracy.”
  • Shane Vaughn claims that Twitter orchestrated its sale to Elon Musk just to “stop Truth Social.”
  • Eric Metaxas is now peddling “cures” for diabetes and “EMF pendants” that can protect you from COVID-19.
  • Jarrin Jackson complains that he is under attack and in desperate need of donations for his campaign for the Oklahoma state Senate: “To suffocate my candidacy in its crib, the godless commies pour dark money in.”
  • Finally, Doug Mastriano was asked about his recent attendance at the QAnon “Patriots Arise” conference Thursday during Pennsylvania’s Republican primary gubernatorial debate. Predictably, he responded by insisting that “it’s very unfair” to call the organizers QAnon conspiracy theorists just “because you disagree with them politically.” Of course, calling organizers Allen and Francine Fosdick QAnon conspiracy theorists is perfectly accurate because that is who they proudly are.