Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Satan’s Frequency

  • Rick Wiles is “starting to believe that a lot of the evangelical leaders in America are Freemasons.”
  • Josh Bernstein continues to insist that President Trump won the popular vote in the 2016 election. (He didn’t.)
  • David Lane declares that “if America is to survive, Secularism will have to be ousted from the marketplace. The death grip of secular bullies and brawlers on public education, universities, and academia has marred and scarred the culture like a spiritual cancer. Its detrimental impact is on display in each and every last one of the cultural mountains of influence: education, academia, newsrooms, sports, the Courts, big business, Hollywood, and medicine.”
  • Pat Robertson warns that the passage of the Equality Act will lead to the destruction of this nation.
  • Finally, Mark Taylor is urging church worship bands to change the way the tune their instruments so that they are not operating on “Satan’s frequency.”