Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Roseanne’s ‘Public Lynching’

  • Jesse Lee Peterson says that what happened to Roseanne Barr was “a public lynching.”
  • Steve Jalsevac of LifeSiteNews warns that “Netflix is set up to be a powerful propagandizing, brain washing media instrument of the now far left, Christian-culture-demolishing Democratic Party.”
  • Lance Wallnau can’t believe that a movie is being made about “prophet” Mark Taylor and not about him.
  • Dinesh D’Souza appeared on Infowars to talk with Alex Jones, who claimed that he was personally responsible for Trump’s decision to give D’Souza a pardon.
  • White nationalist Richard Spencer’s Altright.com website is back online.
  • Finally, Sylvia Thompson defends Roseanne Barr’s attack on Valerie Jarrett because “Jarrett was instrumental in the Obama administration’s near fatal blow to our Constitutional Republic. She served as senior advisor to the President. The two of them, along with other socialist progressives, subverting constitutional laws and abusing the power of their positions, darn near destroyed this nation as it was founded. They were allowed to commit this destruction solely because they claim to be black. I won’t refute their blackness, even though both are mixed-race, but I emphatically condemn their being allowed to wreak havoc on our nation because of their blackness. The lunacy of white guilt prevented otherwise sane Americans from vehemently opposing every pernicious act the Obama administration perpetrated on the American people—for eight devastating years.”