Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Repent!

  • Since the election, Elizabeth Farah has been spending nearly 8 hours a day praying for President Donald Trump’s victory.
  • Lou Engle is calling on God to “expose voter fraud” all over the country to secure Trump’s reelection.
  • Rick Green hopes that if Trump loses the election, he’ll start his own media operation and become the head of “the whole patriotic movement of the nation right now” to raise up conservative candidates to run for office all over the country.
  • Cathie Adams says the failure to reelect Trump is sign of America’s deep spiritual problems and can only be overcome if the nation will “truly repent.”
  • John Diamond declares that America will only be saved if Christians begin to unleash imprecatory prayers against the “wicked and unjust men [who] are persecuting the righteous.”
  • Finally, Mark Taylor claims to have been warned by a source that the deep state plans to start kidnapping “patriots who have a platform.”