Mark Taylor: Barack Obama Will Be Executed for Treason

Mark Taylor, the so-called “firefighter prophet” who is mainly just a radical right-wing conspiracy theorist, appeared on The Daily Renegade’s “Apolo-Neering” program yesterday, where he prophesied that former president Barack Obama will be executed for treason.

Taylor, about whom Liberty University made a movie last year, reiterated his belief that Obama may try to claim Kenyan citizenship to avoid execution but predicted that the execution will happen nonetheless, though it might be carried out under the cover of disease, as he asserted was done to the late Sen. John McCain.

“[In 2015] I prophesied that President Obama would be ripped and stripped of the presidency,” Taylor said. “How you rip a president of the title called president? The only way I know of is to be charged with treason.”

“This guy has committed so many treasonous acts,” he added. “This guy is the biggest fraud in American history. He wasn’t even born here.”

“Justice can get ugly sometimes,” Taylor continued, “and with the executions, it can get ugly sometimes. John McCain was executed. We know that. He had a military tribunal and he was executed. He didn’t have cancer. That was his exit strategy to try to save his reputation; whatever reputation he had, which wasn’t much.”

“There was a prophetic sign given,” Taylor concluded. “The racehorse called Barack Obama was euthanized. I’m just going to leave that prophetic sign right there. Now we may never know that he’s been executed or some of these people have been executed; their exit strategy may be that they come down with a funky disease and then we no longer see them anymore.”