Mark Taylor: Democrats Winning the House was a ‘Sting Operation’ to Expose Voter Fraud

Prior to the 2018 midterm elections, so-called “firefighter prophet” Mark Taylor repeatedly insisted that America would witness a “red tsunami” in which overwhelming support for President Trump would sweep Republicans into office all over the nation.

When that didn’t happen, Taylor nevertheless insisted that his prophecy had been accurate, claiming that the “red tsunami” he had prophesied would now come in the form of mass arrests.

Despite the fact that that also has not happened, Taylor continues to maintain that the election “was a huge red tsunami” and that it only appears as if Democrats won control of the House of Representatives—because the election was really a massive “sting operation” designed to expose Democratic voter fraud, as he explained during his recent appearance on “The MC Files” program.

“I know for a fact that they stole the House,” Taylor declared. “They did not win the House. They did not win a lot of these elections across the country. It was a huge red tsunami—I’ve been attacked for saying it was a red tsunami—and people don’t understand, again, it’s in God’s timing. There are certain things that will be revealed and exposed and people will understand what’s going on.”

“This was a huge sting operation across the nation with the election to see where the voter fraud was,” he added. “Now they’re going to use this for voter I.D. When we get voter I.D., forget it, the Democrats are done. This is the implosion of the Democratic Party. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I don’t think you will see a Democrat in the White House again for a long time, if ever again, because people have had it, they are fed up with this mess.”