Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Perverted Weirdos

  • Robin Bullock claims that President Joe Biden is attempting to “stop prophecy” by having defeated Donald Trump in the 2020 election and will thus be driven mad because he does not have the anointing of God on him.
  • A warning from David Lane: “Cultural Marxism looms large over America like a disaster about to happen. Government collusion with secularists dominates the spiritual, intellectual, educational, economic and vocational levers of influence and power. With its secular priesthood and the profane ‘holy orders’ issued by the White House, secularism controls every powerful element in the culture, including public and higher education, and the entire sports and entertainment industry.”
  • Hank Kunneman repeatedly prophesied that Trump would win the election and serve a second term. That didn’t happen, but Kunneman insists that nobody is qualified to call him a false prophet unless they are a prophet.
  • Bill Donohue declares that concerns about Christian nationalism are really just cover to attack white Christians.
  • Finally, E.W. Jackson insists that he is not a right-wing bigot and argues that we label him as one only because we are socialist, communist, sexually perverted weirdos.