Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Our Very Humble President

  • BarbWire salutes the Trump administration for denying U.S. embassies permission to fly a rainbow flag in honor of Pride Month: “History shows us that EVERY civilization that embraced and accepted homosexual behavior soon fell either to an enemy or from within. The two best examples were Sodom and Gomorrah and ancient Rome.”
  • Nothing good can come from the fact that Lance Wallnau is now hanging out with David Barton.
  • Robert Knight insists that it is the Democrats, not President Trump, who are corrupt: “If there was any wrongdoing covered up – a la Watergate – it’s all the Democrats’ wrongdoing. Democrats have dirty hands from Hillary Clinton on down. That’s the real scandal that needs to be uncovered.”
  • Right-wing pastor Darrell Scott claims that Trump is actually very humble and self-deprecating.
  • Josh Bernstein is calling on Trump to issue an executive order instructing the Federal Communications Commission to levy multi-million dollar fines against social media companies until they allow right-wing activists who were banned for inflammatory speech back on to their platforms.
  • Finally, Rick Wiles’ TruNews network participated in a media call with the White House yesterday, despite the network’s rabid anti-Semitism and attacks on the president and his family.