Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Beautiful Ted

  • President Trump has a new nickname for Sen. Ted Cruz: “He’s not Lyin’ Ted anymore. He’s Beautiful Ted.”
  • Right-wing commentator Josh Bernstein is now apparently being granted White House press credentials to cover Trump’s rallies.
  • Lance Wallnau is convinced that prayers prevented Hurricane Michael from becoming “Trump’s Katrina.”
  • Jim Bakker says that he will soon begin filming episodes of his television program on location in Washington, D.C., so that elected and government leaders can appear on his show.
  • Finally, David Lane summarizes what is at stake in the midterm elections: “How difficult a choice can it be for supporters of President Trump? Either seek and return to the model for freedom and liberty established by the Founding Fathers—that is, ‘the Christian, or dominantly Christian, United States of America’—or be heckled out of restaurants, hunted down at gas stations, driven from stores and threatened when appearing in public.”