Lance Wallnau: Robert De Niro’s Divorce Is a Divine ‘Boomerang’ for Attacking Trump

Right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau streamed a video on Periscope last night in which he declared that Robert De Niro’s divorce is divine punishment for attacking President Trump and that Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation is being protected by demonic powers.

Wallnau, who has repeatedly stated that those who attack this president will suffer retribution for daring to attack “God’s anointed,” declared that De Niro’s divorce is a divine “boomerang” brought about by his opposition to Trump.

“Robert De Niro is dropping F-bombs—F-bomb this, ‘effen Trump, this ‘effen Trump—you know, the interesting thing is he goes through a divorce,” Wallnau said. “His personal life is like a great boomerang. The Bible says, ‘Touch not my anointed.’ You see, if God raises up even a secular figure and he puts his hand on him then you have to have a peculiar position in the spirit realm to be pushing at that.”

Wallnau went on to assert that Mueller’s investigation “hasn’t been broken” because “the principalities over the United States are allowed to operate” until Christians come together and “break the gridlock in the heavens.”

“It’s like Hitler could not be assassinated,” he said. “The bombs kept going off in the wrong room, someone would move the podium; there were like five assassination attempts, but it was like the devil protected Hitler. So principalities will protect their own interest and Mueller and CNN—I keep waiting for the cosmic boomerang to hit, but then I realize they’re [protected by] a high level spirit.”