Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Our First Amendment Rights

  • Andrew Torba calls on parents to remove their children from public schools and approvingly cites “Christian Recontructionalists like R. J. Rushdoony” in doing so: “It should come as no surprise that the Enemy is indoctrinating your children in public school. It’s been going on for a half a century. Christian Recontructionalists like R. J. Rushdoony spent decades trying to warn us what was coming and proposed the solution in the form of the homeschooling movement.”
  • Cheryl K. Chumley declares that with the confirmation of Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court, racism “is not an issue any more.”
  • Jackson Lahmeyer revealed that his campaign for the U.S. Senate is literally being run by Roger Stone.
  • “Twitter needs to be destroyed,” proclaims Laura Loomer. “I hope Jack Dorsey goes to hell where he belongs.”
  • Finally, a small group of right-wing activists gathered outside AT&T headquarters last week to protest the removal of the One America News network from DirecTV. The leader, Bianca Gracia, apparently believes the decision violates “our free speech and our First Amendment rights.”