Jackson Lahmeyer Says Anthony Fauci Is ‘A Mass-Murderer’ While Kyle Rittenhouse Is ‘An American Hero’

Jackson Lahmeyer, a MAGA pastor who has launched a primary challenge against Republican Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma, has begun hosting a nightly livestream on his Facebook page called “The Jack Law Show.”

On Tuesday night’s show, Lahmeyer lamented that “our nation is living upside down right now” because a “mass murderer” like Dr. Anthony Fauci is walking around free while “an American hero” like Kyle Rittenhouse might wind up in prison.

“We’re on day two [of deliberations in the Rittenhouse trial and there’s] still no verdict, which is very concerning,” Lahmeyer said. “Which goes to show you the influence of the domestic terrorist organization, the ‘peaceful organization’ Black Lives Matter. They have threatened the jurors. That’s become public knowledge, which is automatic cause, in my opinion, for a mistrial, and I know that Rittenhouse’s lawyers are asking for that. But it’s day two—no verdict. There should already be a verdict, and it’s a very simple verdict: not guilty on all charges.”

“Kyle Rittenhouse, in my opinion, and in the opinion of a lot of people, is an American hero,” Lahmeyer added. “He’s a patriot. He defended his community. He defended himself. He’s going through Hell now because of it. I am hopeful, and I believe that he’s going to be found not guilty. I’m praying for Kyle, and I think it’s important that you pray for Kyle as well.”

Later in the broadcast, Lahmeyer declared that if he is elected to Congress, he will do everything in his power to ensure that Fauci is “arrested and convicted for crimes against humanity.”

“Anthony Fauci is responsible for the creation of this man-made biological weapon virus called COVID-19,” Lahmeyer declared. “I have made the commitment [that] I am going to call out Anthony Fauci every single day because Anthony Fauci is a mass-murdering demon doctor. … I call him a Luciferian. Anthony Fauci needs to be fired, arrested, and convicted for crimes against humanity.”

“It’s just amazing that you’ve got a guy like Anthony Fauci [who] gets away with mass murder,” he continued. “We’re talking mass murder and destruction like we’ve never seen before in our lifetimes. And everybody knows this. You got Fauci, he’s in it with Bill Gates, and you tie that back into Jeffrey Epstein, and it’s just this crooked, nefarious, evil, corrupt world. Here’s this guy—St. Fauci—oh my goodness, he walks on water. You say anything negative about him and the whole world just blows up. They worship this guy and it’s unbelievable. They worship a mass-murderer. He’s a mass-murderer! He belongs in prison. But Kyle Rittenhouse, who defends himself against a convicted pedophile, a convicted woman-beater, is fighting for his life not to go to prison. Our nation is living upside down right now.”