Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Cult of Science

  • In the wake of the police shooting of Daunte Wright, Patrick Howley says we need to have “a very real conversation about whether or not females are able to do the job of being a police officer,” while Stew Peters says we need more cops who are alpha males with a warrior psyche.
  • Right-wing pastor Jackson Lahmeyer is hoping to unseat Sen. James Lankford in Oklahoma’s Republican primary, and he’s busy trying to rack up endorsements from the likes of Lin Wood, Mike Lindell, and Greg Locke.
  • “Prophet” Nathan French will be heading down to Mar-a-Lago next week, where he expects to meet with former President Donald Trump. French doesn’t have a meeting scheduled, but is confident that God will arrange one.
  • Franklin Graham says that “what’s happened politically in our country is a disgrace, what took place in the last election, it’s wrong but it’s happened. But I just believe that the only hope for our nation is God. Christians need to get on their knees and pray that God would intervene and somehow save this nation or give us more time because I believe God’s judgment is coming.”
  • Finally, we’re not going to even bother trying to summarize this clip, other than to say that it represents a near-perfect encapsulation of the current state of right-wing media.