Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Make Women Great Again

  • The Norman Transcript reports that “Oklahoma’s far-right Senate candidate Jackson Lahmeyer allegedly broke numerous Federal Election Commission regulations in his campaign’s July quarterly report and failed to respond to the commission’s request for additional information by Monday’s deadline.”
  • Maybe Lahmeyer was unable to respond to the FEC because he was too busy posting on Facebook that “arrests need to made for treason” for those who supposedly stole the 2020 election in Arizona.
  • Gab founder Andrew Torba is planning to build a “parallel society” so that right-wing snowflakes will have a place where they can enjoy their “freedom, family, God, guns” in peace.
  • Curt Landry says that God hates the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement and will therefore give Israel the cure to COVID-19. Presumably that cure will not be “from the pit of Hell” like the current vaccines.
  • David Lane fumes that without Christianity controlling the curriculum in public schools, “present-day public education promotes self-indulgence, egomania, hedonism, animosity, division, and diversity of depravity.”
  • Finally, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene argues that abortion should be outlawed because motherhood “makes women better people”: “We should be telling women that the best thing they can ever do in their whole life is to be a mother.”