Right Wing Bonus Tracks: October Is Going To Be Big

  • Carl Gallups says that Brett Kavanaugh is the victim of bullying.
  • Media Research Center research director Rich Noyes says Kavanaugh “has to suffer because men in the past have done bad things.”
  • An anonymous writer at The Federalist makes the case for Kavanaugh’s confirmation—even if he’s guilty of sexually assaulting Christine Blasey Ford.
  • Josh Bernstein rolls out a confusing conspiracy theory about how Barack Obama supposedly blackmailed Chief Justice John Roberts into upholding Obamacare by threatening to expose the illegal adoption of Roberts’ children.
  • Julio Severo gets very worked up whenever we dare to mention his columns.
  • A Twitter campaign has popped up demanding that alt-right vlogger Colin Robertson be allowed back on the social media platform.
  • Finally, Dave Janda, who has been promising that mass arrests are going to begin at any moment, boldly declares that “October is going to be big, really big. Hold on.”