Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Prophet Rush Limbaugh

  • Right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau declares that Rush Limbaugh is a “secular prophet.”
  • Podcaster and conspiracy theorist Sheila Zilinsky is urging President Trump to start his own news network and to put her in charge of it.
  • YourVoice America’s Leigh Valentine prays that Paul Manafort will be found not guilty, that special counsel Robert Mueller will be removed, and that God will “take care of our great president.”
  • Religious Right activist Dave Daubenmire dedicated an entire webcast today to railing against the church’s toleration of fornication.
  • Finally, Right-wing commentator Josh Bernstein says that “Barack Obama and the rest of his criminal gang, they should facing Islamic justice, in my opinion. They should be tried, convicted, and they should be hung—back in his home country of Kenya—by the neck until dead.”