Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Nazi Story Time Hour

  • Kansas state Rep. Ron Bryce appeared on “The Jim Bakker Show” today where it was revealed that Bryce is now basically in-laws with the televangelist because Bakker’s adopted son is married to Bryce’s daughter.
  • Dalton Clodfelter says that “the United States Constitution clearly sucks and so does the Bill of Rights.”
  • Tim Graham fumes that “the line between radical activism and ‘mainstream’ journalism has been obliterated, especially when it comes to the ‘LGBTQ+’ lobbyists. The war on traditional Christianity is on.”
  • Josiah David Moody can’t understand why women don’t realize how much happier they would be if they had simply married the boy they loved when they were 16 years-old: “How stupid are you?”
  • Isabella Riley Moody (wife of Josiah) doesn’t understand why people think that antisemitic white nationalist Nick Fuentes is so awful: “I say way worse stuff all the time.”
  • Finally, Stephen Strang says that allowing drag queens to read to children “is just absolutely vile”: “They would not let someone dressed up in a Nazi uniform go in and read stories to children.”