Dalton Clodfelter Is a Proud Sexist and Misogynist

In addition to being a racist, antisemitic Christian fascist and white nationalist, Dalton Clodfelter is, like many others in the America First movement, a raging misogynist. And his misogyny was on full display Wednesday night during his “The Right Dissident” program broadcast on The Stew Peters Network.

Ostensibly outraged about a woman who killed and skinned a Siberian husky dog that she thought was a wolf, Clodfelter went on a 15- minute-long rant in which he declared that women are too dumb to be allowed to vote or have any sort of career outside of the home.

“We hear oftentimes mainstream conservatives talk about radical feminism as being a threat to the United States,” Clodfelter said. “I disagree. I think feminism in general is a threat to the United States; not radical feminism, but feminism in any way, shape or form. People say, ‘Well, I’m like the 1920s feminists, I believe women should have the right to vote, etc. etc.’ No, that was evil too, that was terrible. Our country started really going down the pooper once when women got the right to vote. That’s evident.”

“The way women vote, they vote mostly based on looks and compassion and empathy without taking into account logical reasoning and without taking people’s policy decisions into account,” he continued. “Women are dumb voters. Women have a place in a society, and that place is in the home, that place is being subservient to their husbands, that place is looking to the husband as Jesus looks to God or as the church looks to Jesus.”

“The facts of the matter are women are dumber than men, women should be subservient to men, women have no place in male activities, women have no place in partaking in the workforce, women have no place in partaking in politics, women have no place outside of the home,” Clodfelter bellowed. “The home is a virtuous place for women. Women should be happy when they are in the home. Women should be grateful when a man puts a roof over her head and supplies the family with food and resources and energy and structure. That is what women should be thankful for.”

“Men are just better,” Clodfelter asserted. “Men are awesome. I am a firm believer in the patriarchy. I’m a misogynist, you could definitely claim that. You could say I’m a sexist, absolutely.”

Peters—who has close ties to various far-right political candidates and has used his program to interview several elected officials, GOP candidates, and former members of the Trump administration—has made his network into a haven for white nationalists, racists, and Christian nationalist bigots. Clodfelter, who admits to using neo-Nazi websites to find stories for his program, fit right in at Peters’ network and has consistently used his program to promote white nationalism, anti-LBGTQ bigotry, and outright fascism.

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