Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Something Every Christian Should Believe

  • The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that right-wing conspiracy theorist Kandiss “Jesus, Guns, Babies” Taylor has been elected “to chair a key GOP district” for the Georgia Republican Party.
  • John Guandolo warns that “violence will again be launched in the immediate future by the primary enemies of liberty in the United States,” most likely by Memorial Day: “The lead elements will likely be activated under the auspices of the transgender agenda, but will have the full force of the entire communist-jihadi cabal behind it.”
  • Glenn Beck spent an hour talking with Johnathan Cahn and it was every bit as confusingly unhinged as you would expect.
  • Standing in front of the Texas capitol, Sean Feucht doubled down on his Christian nationalism: “We want believers in this building writing the laws of this land. … This is a biblical belief that every Christian should believe.”
  • Josiah David Moody predicts that he and his wife Isabella Riley Moody will “probably end up picking up our things and moving to Russia” to escape “the gay agenda”: “Eventually they’re going to start raping your children. … So, buy a gun.”
  • Finally, right-wing pastor Kent Christmas rants that “the reason the United States of America is in the mess that it’s in is because we went back and amended the Constitution!” Does that mean he wants to go back to slavery and banning women from voting?