Right Wing Bonus Tracks: My Baby Said The N-Word

  • Scott Lively is livid about former Vice President Mike Pence becoming a fellow at Grove City College: “If I were a parent of college-bound teens, I’d cross this twice-failed ‘college of Christian compromise’ off my list and keep them as far away from the traitor Mike Pence as possible.”
  • Rudy Giuliani says that while slavery was terrible, “hundreds of thousands of white men died to free black men. Why don’t we celebrate that?”
  • There is nothing that upsets MAGA pastor/self-proclaimed “prophet” Hank Kunneman more than having his prophetic abilities doubted, questioned, or mocked.
  • Rep. Maxwell Frost called out Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for complaining about white supremacists, noting that she eagerly appeared at a white nationalist gathering in 2022.
  • Finally, who ever could have guessed that Josiah and Isabella Moody would turn out to be awful parents?
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