Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Medieval Witch Doctors

  • Joseph Farah declares that “we proved that by any reasonable assessment the 2020 election for president of the United States was rigged, stolen, robbed, filched, highjacked and misappropriated for the most immoral purposes imaginable.”
  • Charlie Kirk proclaims that those who provide treatment to transgender youth are “medieval witch doctors” who “should be put in prison”: “It comes from the pit of Hell.”
  • John Zmirak warns that “the left is using the Nazi playbook for taking power.”
  • Ben Quine of the Christian nationalist group Christians Engaged says that we “owe our Founding Fathers eternal, undying gratitude” for the fact that women can vote and slavery has been eliminated. That is an odd statement considering that the Founding Fathers are the ones who protected slavery and denied women the right to vote.
  • Finally, Lauren Witzke rants that white Christians are being replaced by immigrants who “participate in demonic religions” and are fundamentally lazy: “Nobody wants to talk about how these immigrants that we are bringing in are lazy.”