Right Wing Bonus Tracks: May God Strike Them Down

  • Mychal Massie declares that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is “wicked harridan” who will spend “eternity in the fiery pit of hell.”
  • Stew Peters appears to have become a full-blown QAnon conspiracy theorist.
  • Speaking of QAnon conspiracy theorists, Liz Crokin believes that Elon Musk and former President Donald Trump have “meticulously orchestrated” a plan to take down the deep state and finally “break people out of The Matrix.”
  • Few things can cause Nick Fuentes to have a racist, misogynistic, antisemitic meltdown quite like Star Wars projects not being exclusively targeted to satisfy the childish desires of white boys.
  • When a white racist murdered 10 Black people in Buffalo earlier this month and cited the “great replacement theory,” Glenn Beck tried to blame Democrats for promoting the racist theory. Actual white nationalist Vincent James helpfully set him straight: “No, it’s not the Dems that are the real racists.”
  • Finally, Ali Alexander issues a command: “In the name of God and the American people, I demand Joe Biden and the entire government resign. They are illegitimate, tyrannical, and wholly unrepresentative of the people where power is vested. May God strike them down.”