Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Manipulated by Manipulators

  • Todd Coconato defends conservatives chanting “Let’s go, Brandon” in church: “I truly think people are simply responding to the frustrations of a seemingly lawless regime and very egregious real concerns that appear to be set to destroy this country and our Constitution if they are not immediately turned around.”
  • Rick Wiles blamed Jews for using the COVID-19 pandemic to impose “tyranny” on the country.
  • Despite the fact that Wiles is a vehement antisemite, Peter Navarro appeared on his “TruNews” program last week, where Wiles praised him for being “the most outstanding member of the Trump administration.”
  • David Lane warns that “The Spirit of Antichrist Has Enveloped America.”
  • Scott Lively is convinced that “ours is the last generation before the Lord’s return.”
  • Finally, some deep thoughts from QAnon conspiracy theorist “Bishop” Larry Gaiters: “Our entire historical pattern has been manipulated by manipulators whose sole intent is to manipulate manipulation as being manipulated.”