Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Like Rambo

  • Rick Wiles says that President Donald Trump needs to immediately resign for instigating the MAGA insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.
  • Alex McFarland thinks that Democrats are to blame for the Capitol insurrection: “The blame for where we are lies at the feet of the liberal Democrats who for years have built their platform on class envy [and] power at any cost, even if it means selling out America, [ignoring] our moral compass, [and] subverting the Constitution.”
  • Radical anti-LGTQ bigot Mike Heath is once again running for governor of Maine.
  • Jeremiah Johnson reports that he is getting death threats from Christians after apologizing for wrongly prophesying that Trump would be reelected.
  • Kat Kerr, on the other hand, continues to insist that Trump will remain president, declaring that “if he dies, I guess I’ll have to go resurrect him.”
  • Hank Kunneman proclaims that Jesus is coming “like Rambo” to expose the voter fraud and to “deal with the thieves, the liars, the crooks, and those that have committed treason.”