Rick Wiles Hopes Trump Will Round-Up Liberal Activists and Torture Them

End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles has been warning for years that liberals intend to use the power of government to round up conservative Christians, place them in concentration camps, and kill them.

Though such plans exist only in the fevered minds of right-wing conspiracy theorists, Wiles was aghast that anyone would ever plan such horrible things for their fellow citizens. All that changed on Tuesday night, when Wiles began openly hoping that President Donald Trump will do those things to left-wing activists.

On Tuesday’s episode of his “TruNews” program, Wiles cheered Trump’s plan to use the military to quash nationwide protests over the police killing of George Floyd and called on Trump to use the military to take down liberal organizations, arrest their leaders, and send them to Guantanamo Bay to be tortured.

“We were concerned as conservatives that you’re going to have a far-left regime in power that is going to try to round up conservatives, confiscate guns, put people in detention centers, and so forth,” Wiles said. “You know what? This is turning out to be Haman’s gallows. What they planned for the church, for conservatives, for patriots, what they planned is going to be flipped around on them.”

“There’s a Republican president in the White House right now who’s brought the military in,” he continued. “You know who’s going to get rounded up? The left, the communists, the people who are burning down the country. That’s who’s going to get rounded up. This thing has completely flipped on them.”

“I have to think that privately, last night, a lot of them are starting to become afraid,” Wiles said. “I’m talking about the leaders, the ones who know that their names are linked to these organizations, secretly linked, that their bank accounts, the flow of money, the meetings, the trail of emails, text messages, that if the federal government comes in and begins a serious investigation, it’s going to lead to some very powerful people. And the U.S. government is going to seize their bank accounts, seize their assets, and put some of these people in prison. That’s where this is going right now, if President Trump does not let up.”

“They have to be outed, they have to be hunted down, they have to be given a trial, and that trial could be a military trial,” he added. “Once you’re declared a terrorist organization, you don’t have constitutional rights. Where are you taken to? Guantanamo. You may see people in these far-left organizations transported to Guantanamo and waterboarded to confess who’s funding the organizations.”

“I know my enemies watch me,” Wiles said, turning to the camera. “I hope you soiled your pants. I hope you’re scared right now because the pendulum is swinging. You’ve been ripping this country apart for decades. You’ve been harassing God-fearing men and women, smearing people’s names and reputations, fomenting sedition and revolution, poisoning the minds of children, defiling people’s souls, and now you’re on the verge of being outed.”