Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Like a Good Dictator

  • Stew Peters continues to use his program to promote the work of Peter Brimelow and his white nationalist-friendly website, VDARE.
  • Speaking of Peters, his podcast was recently booted from Spotify and iHeartRadio, and he’s not handling it well: “They have picked a fight with Almighty God.”
  • Scott Lively says that systematic racism does exist in America “but the racial repression is not perpetuated by the white majority or ‘white culture’ itself, but only by the powerful minority of white liberals who control the key institutions that dominate and exploit black people and black culture for their own corrupt ends. … We will end systemic racism in America only when we end the rule of white liberals.”
  • Jim Garlow claims that God is using the Canadian trucker convey to bring about spiritual revival: “This is the promise of God, who will still be here after Trudeau and Biden and all the other enemies of freedom have ended their times of enslaving the people whose liberty they can never permanently take.”
  • Nick Fuentes makes it clear: “I wish Putin was the president of America.”
  • Finally, Lance Wallnau declares that “it’s hard to make Putin the villain if you have all the facts,” claiming that the CIA and Hillary Clinton tried to undercut him by injecting “the LGBTQ doctrine” into Russia until Putin “clamped down, like a good dictator does.”