Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Liberals Hate Cornfields

  • Andrew Wommack says that former President Donald Trump “is the best thing that ever happened to the body of Christ in this nation.”
  • It appears as if Milo Yiannopoulos is no longer a fan of TruNews after having briefly worked for the network earlier this year.
  • Jackson Lahmeyer is now essentially selling religious exemptions, telling anyone who doesn’t want to take a COVID-19 vaccine that if they donate to his church, they’ll be considered an “online member,” allowing him to sign an exemption form for them as their pastor.
  • Sidney Powell says the California recall election is “marred by fraud,” claiming that in one county, 70 percent of those who showed up to vote were told that they had already voted.
  • Finally, Josh Mandel thinks that liberals are attacking his video urging people to resist vaccine mandates because he filmed it in a cornfield and “a cornfield in Ohio represents everything they hate.”