Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Legit Violence

  • Ali Alexander declares that he doesn’t “condone illegitimate violence. Only legit violence.” What constitutes “legit violence”? “I think parents should be violent against strangers who talk to their children about sex stuff.”
  • Josh Bernstein says that “Disney is basically the equivalent of a grooming and child sexual exploitation predator operation.”
  • Clay Clark, organizer of the right-wing ReAwaken America Tour that has been traversing the nation for well over a year, is a conspiracy theorist who claims that “you’re using Satan’s tool every time you use Google.”
  • In addition to being a white nationalist and a misogynist, Vincent James is a “Pizzagate” conspiracy theorist who once got booted out of Comet Ping Pong for trying to do a livestream with fellow white nationalist Baked Alaska.
  • Janet Folger Porter asserts that if Christians who have received a COVID-19 vaccine repent and pray, God will remove that “poison” from their body.
  • Finally, Nick Fuentes admits that it would not be inaccurate to call AFPAC a “Christian-Fascist rally.”