Kari Lake Says It’s ‘Slanderous’ to Report She’s Attending the White Nationalist AFPAC Conference

The list of those participating in the upcoming America First Political Action Conference continues to grow.

Organized by white nationalist Stop the Steal activist Nick Fuentes, who regularly uses his online platorm to spew antisemitic, misogynistic, racist rhetoric, AFPAC had already announced the participation of a cavalcade of white nationalists, alt-right MAGA activists, and right-wing conspiracy theorists like Stew Peters, Lauren Witzke, Patrick Howley, Michelle Malkin, Jared Taylor, Peter Brimelow, Andrew Torba, Jesse Lee Peterson, Milo Yiannopoulos, Laura Loomer, and former Rep. Steve King.

On Thursday, Fuentes announced the addition of radical birther conspiracy theorist and former sheriff Joe Arpiao and Arizona state Rep. Wendy Rogers, a 67-year-old grandmother who has catapulted onto the national stage after just one term in office thanks to her tireless promotion of the “Big Lie,” her embrace of former President Donald Trump, who has endorsed her bid for reelection, and her outreach to the far-right extremes of the white nationalist America First movement.

Another Trump-endorsed candidate, Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, is featured among the “special guests” who are scheduled to appear in a promotional image for the conference, but Lake is disputing that claim, insisting on Twitter that it is a “false photo” and that it is “slanderous” to report that she intends to participate in AFPAC.

Fuentes tried to smooth things over and came to Lake’s defense on Telegram when other began to attack her for trying to distance herself from AFPAC, asserting that he had been “under the impression” that Lake would be participating but then she had to drop out because of a “scheduling mix-up.”

Last year, Rep. Paul Gosar was among those who spoke at the conference. The congressman—who faced wide criticism for his appearance but was not censured by his party—has not indicated whether he will attend the conference again this year.